About Us

Fivepillars.club is part of the Zak Management group. Under the parent company of Zak Management Group, there are 17 other online ventures and websites. These ventures are heavily niched into the infotainment sector.

Zak Management Group is one of the diverse players contributing valuable content to its viewers. The company manages and curates resourceful content around Digital Marketing, SEO, Travel, Online Courses, Blogs, and Youtube Channels.

The Zak Management Group aims to provide authentic and correct information to the viewers. We believe in imparting knowledge and information in a simple and easy format. This format assures that our informative content reaches and benefits all the online users. Our principles revolve around the concept of accessibility. We want people to access the knowledge effortlessly through online mediums.

The company’s vision is to empower the viewers with the right set of information and encourage them to use it fruitfully. It strives to work on this vision and principles of the betterment of all. With these features, Zak Management Group has a solid foundation in the online venture network and has partnered with other platforms.

Apart from this, shortly, the company is planning to scale. With a growth perspective, Zak Management is expanding its resource base for curating more content. Whereas, in the coming years, the growth is exponential in the company’s default platforms. Fivepillars.club is one of the various platforms to establish easy accessibility of information. So join us and be a part of an information-driven community.